Fixed Bollards Introduction

Direct Embed | Surface Mounted

The bollards that started it all, fixed bollards are used virtually everywhere, and are easily the most widely used of all the different bollard types. Our line of fixed or permanent bollards are available in 4 beautiful design styles, with a variety of configuration options, and 3 different ways of mounting them to the ground. All this will ensure you can find a fixed bollard that looks the way you want and performs the way you need.

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Key Configurations & Options

Learn more about some of the major configurations & options we offer for our line of fixed bollards.

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Head Design Styles 

Flat // Dome // Bishop // Kitchener

Choose from multiple, completely unique designs built with the same incredible level of quality. There are currently 4 fixed bollard designs to choose from.

Mounting Types 

Direct Embed // Flange // Base Plate

We’ve got you covered with 3 different ways of mounting your fixed bollards to the ground.

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Materials & Finishes

Steel // Stainless Steel // Aluminum

One of the most dynamic and impactful attributes of a bollard, the material and finish you choose will define the overall aesthetic of your fixed bollards. Our fixed bollards come in 3 different materials with a variety of finish options for each material.

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