One common issue with using bollards for protection and security on your property or at your facility is their constant exposure to the elements. Rain, snow, wind and sunlight can exact a heavy toll on bollards over time, which causes them to lose their visual appeal and increases maintenance requirements. A bollard cover from Blockaides, Inc. will provide an easy and affordable solution for protecting your bollards against the elements.

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What Are Bollard Covers?

Pipe bollard covers are protective sleeves designed to fit over the post and shield it from the elements. Think of plastic post covers for bollards as “raincoats” that will keep them dry and prevent penetration of the sun’s damaging UV rays. Benefits offered by our plastic bollard covers include:

  • Less repainting/maintenance: The impact of vehicles and equipment as well as the effects of sun, rain and wind, can cause the paint on bollards to scrape, chip, crack and fade over time. Plastic bollard sleeves will protect the posts and preserve their finish, which means less frequent repainting and fewer preventive maintenance requirements.
  • Greater protection for vehicles: Forklifts, trucks and other heavy equipment at a job site may bump into bollards accidentally, which can cause minor or more significant damage. Our barrier post covers can cushion some of the impact from collisions and help prevent serious damage, helping to keep your equipment maintenance costs under control.
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal: Chipped and faded bollards are an unattractive eyesore on any property. A bollard cover offers an attractive alternative for preserving the finish and ensuring your facility remains visually appealing to your customers and visitors.

We Offer Removable Bollard Covers in Numerous Sizes and Styles

Blockaides is your one-stop headquarters for bollard covers in various styles and sizes. Bollards typically feature a round or square design — we have covers that can fit both, whether your bollards are new or have provided many years of reliable service. And with 10 standard sizes from which to choose, you’ll have no trouble finding the right cover for your bollards.

We offer a host of popular design styles and colors. Our yellow bollard covers provide excellent visibility and are especially well-suited for nighttime use. You’ll also found covers that display specific promotional/informational messages such as “Sold Here,” “ATM Inside” or “Car Wash.”

Bollard Covers Made From High-Quality Materials

Our bollard covers are cheap — in price only! They’re made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene), a superior plastic material known for its high strength-to-density ratio and excellent protective abilities. You can be sure your covers can handle the challenges posed by the elements and deliver the long-lasting service you expect.

Why Choose Plastic Bollard Covers From Blockaides?

Blockaides is widely regarded as a leading distributor of bollards, barriers and other top-notch safety and security products. Since the founding of our company in 2010, we’ve worked to increase awareness of the numerous security benefits that bollards and related products can provide for businesses of all types.

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