FAQs: Questions to Ask When Purchasing Bollards

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Are you considering the installation of bollards to bolster security and create a safety barrier for your residential or commercial property? If you’ve never purchased bollards before, these frequently asked questions can help plan your next project.

What is a Bollard?

A bollard is a post that is placed in a commercial or residential space to define or block off an area, help direct traffic, or increase safety. There are a variety of different types of bollards from removable, decorative, fixed and more, and they come in a variety of different materials and designs.

How Much Do Bollards Cost?

While bollards offer a cost-effective, long-term protection solution, the cost of bollards varies based on several factors, such as materials, type (fixed bollard vs. removable bollard), country (you may pay more for imported products), design style and finish. Also, you can expect to pay more for custom bollards, decorative bollards, or crash-rated bollards that comply with testing standards. In order to get a better idea of the cost of bollards and installation for your next project, a knowledgeable vendor such as Blockaides will help you explore your options and choose the right bollards for your needs and budget.

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What Materials Are Bollards Made From?

You can select bollards made from a wide variety of materials. Steel can provide maximum strength and stability, while stainless steel bollards offer excellent corrosion resistance for wet climates. Aluminum bollards are lightweight and also ensure reliable rust protection.

It’s also possible to fabricate custom bollards, especially for properties where aesthetic appeal is desirable. One technique entails molding cast iron into a specified shape or size. At Blockaides, we can discuss your customization requirements with you to come up with the ideal solution.

How Can Bollards Be Made More Visible?

If you’re concerned about drivers and pedestrians being able to see your bollards, especially at night, then you’ll want to choose a finish that promotes visibility. Bollard finishes are available in a variety of colors, including safety yellow that will stand out. You can also opt for a lighted bollard or photoluminescent technology for more enhanced visibility and protection. Additionally, decorative bollards are a great option to match the aesthetics of your property. Decorative bollards are not only totally customizable, but they also can architecturally enhance any space.

What Bollard Crash Ratings Do I Need?

Crash ratings indicate a bollard’s ability to resist vehicle impact. Typically, the higher the security risk your property poses and the stronger of a safety barrier that is needed, the higher the ASTM or K-rating your bollard should have. We can assist you with determining the appropriate bollard rating for your property.

Bollards are rated for various degrees of vehicle collisions. The bollard crash rating can range from protecting against low-speed collisions to high-speed vehicle collisions.

When considering the bollard crash rating you need, it’s essential to predict what type of impact is most likely for your location. For example, drive-thrus and banks are more likely to incur damage from low-speed collisions, while properties along a busy highway are more likely to need protection from high-speed impacts.

Are There Different Options for Permanent Bollards?

If you plan to install bollards in a fixed location, you will probably want to choose permanent ones over a removable version. Blockaides offers permanent bollards in a variety of mounting types (flange, direct embed, base plate), head design styles (flat, dome, Bishop, Kitchener) materials (steel, aluminum, stainless steel), and types of decorative bollards, as well as numerous colors and finishes. We also have the expertise to guide you through your selection process.

Are There Distinct Types of Bollards?

There are several options for bollards with varying benefits. Blockaides provides several kinds of bollards so you can find a solution that fully meets your needs:

  • Fixed and surface-mounted bollards: These permanent and sturdy options are the most common because they create impenetrable barriers for traffic control or keeping pedestrians safe.
  • Automatic bollards: Electric, hydraulic or pneumatic bollards are available for easy access for those authorized to be in the area blocked by bollards.
  • Removable bollards: These bollards are completely detachable and easy to transport when you need a temporary barrier.
  • Manual bollards: Also called telescoping bollards, these options are concealed belowground, and you can raise them into place to create a strong barrier.
  • Lighted bollards: Bollards with included lights enhance security by offering higher levels of visibility along the blockaded area.
  • Decorative bollards: Architectural bollards add to the scenery by providing a level of sophisticated charm and safety to your protected area.

How Do I Choose the Right Type of Bollard?

The type of bollard is dependent on the project itself and the variable factors involved. Some of these details might include if the bollard is for commercial or residential purposes, needs to match a certain design aesthetic or crash test rating, or there are certain specifications such as legal requirements.

Do Bollards Require Maintenance?

Depending on their material and degree of exposure to the elements, bollards may require periodic cleaning or repainting. Installing protective covers can significantly reduce maintenance requirements and prolong the bollards’ lifespan as well as increasing durability in the event of a collision.

Can I Order Bollards Online?

Absolutely! To ensure you get exactly what you need, you should always request a custom quote and speak with a representative of the company. To get started with Blockaides, fill out and submit our quick online quote request form. Be sure to include information such as size, material, locking mechanism, address and other important specifications so that we can deliver an accurate quote within two business days.

Lead time may depend on various factors, including the size and complexity of the order. Typically, you should allow approximately four weeks for a standard order, although we’ll be happy to discuss a shorter turnaround time. Because Blockaides is an American-based company, we can offer faster shipping times and lower shipping rates with the quality assurance you may not find from other vendors.

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We provide permanent and removable bollards that are easy to transport between locations. You can also choose decorative bollards that will keep your property protected and elegant. We offer unique bollard caps for a cost-effective solution in place of a full bollard cover.

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