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Automated bollards have the unique ability to raise or lower on command in a matter of seconds, making them a flexible protection solution for deployment in heavy-traffic areas. Automatic rising bollards facilitate more efficient traffic flow and increase security by making it easier to control vehicle access to a property or facility. They also provide greater convenience when compared to many other types of bollards.

Blockaides, Inc. is your one-stop headquarters for high-quality automatic retractable bollards that will meet your unique security and traffic control needs. We feature a wide selection of stainless steel automatic bollard systems with an assortment of drive style and mounting options.

Automatic Bollard Drive Styles

The driver is the mechanism that enables retractable bollards to move up and down automatically. We offer electric bollards in two drive options:

  • Pneumatic: Pneumatic bollards rely on compressed air that drives a piston in a linear direction inside a cylinder. The benefits of pneumatic bollards include simple, accurate operation along with lower cost and fewer maintenance requirements.
  • Hydraulic: Hydraulic bollards include an in-compressible fluid and pump system that produces the linear motion. A hydraulic retractable bollard system creates a driving force up to 25 times greater than its pneumatic bollard counterpart, making it the better choice for heavy-duty applications.

Our pneumatic and hydraulic rising bollards are constructed to the highest standards and can integrate easily with your current access control or security system components. They’re also easy to maintain, which will reduce your long-term ownership costs.

Rising Bollard Mounting Options

There are two ways to mount our automatic bollards:

  • Standard: A standard mounting permanently secures the bollard into the ground, making it the preferred solution for a facility with an established vehicle or pedestrian flow as well as high-security applications.
  • Cassette: A cassette-mounted bollard offers a more flexible solution. You can easily remove the bollard from its concrete containment and relocate it to another area. A cassette mounting also simplifies preventive maintenance tasks.

Our Automated Bollards Are Made From Top-Quality Stainless Steel

As part of our commitment to offering bollards produced from only the best materials, all our automatic bollards are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel. A stainless steel bollard will provide excellent resistance to corrosion, making it a good choice in wet and humid climates. Stainless steel is also less susceptible to pitting and staining than many other materials, helping to maintain the bollard’s aesthetic appeal.

What’s more, stainless steel requires less maintenance and is regarded as an environmentally-friendly material alternative. You can even paint or powder-coat stainless steel to a #4 finish.

Blockaides, Inc. Is Your Best Source for Automatic Bollard Systems

Blockaides has been providing high-quality bollards, barriers and other safety solutions since 2010. We work closely with architects, project managers, contractors and end users to provide the most reliable and cost-effective protection products for their specific needs. We have the expertise to assess your security requirements and recommend the right product for your applications.

Contact us for more information and to receive a free automatic bollard estimate today!