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In many cases, it is desirable to establish a defensive barricade that does not detract from the aesthetics of its surroundings. Examples include a property with an immaculately cultivated landscape, a building that features an ornate architectural design or when there is a preference to match a barrier with a structure. Decorative bollards from Blockaides will limit access to a restricted area while also maintaining, and in many instances improving, its appearance. With our protective bollards, you won’t need to make a tradeoff between style and safety.

Choose the Decorative Bollard Type That Meets Your Needs

Blockaides offers several versions of landscape bollards, including:

  • General: These multipurpose bollards provide a reliable protection solution that will create a visually appealing barrier for everything from churches and commercial buildings to sports arenas and government facilities.
  • Lighted: Our decorative bollard with built-in lighting will meet your security requirements and enhance pedestrian safety when the sun goes down. They will also help to create a warm, inviting nighttime ambiance.
  • Cast iron: Cast iron bollard covers serve as a protective sleeve you can place over existing barriers to improve aesthetics and bolster security.
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Our Decorative Bollards Feature a Variety of Mounting Options

  • Fixed: Our fixed bollards offer a permanent protection solution and are the most widely preferred of all the bollard types. We offer fixed decorative bollards in direct embed, flange or base plate mounted versions.
  • Removable: Decorative removable bollards are often the best option for safeguarding pedestrians at special events or other situations that create a temporary security need. Our cast iron covers can also provide heightened security on a short-term basis if you place them over K-rated bollards and remove them after the event.


We Offer Decorative Bollards in an Assortment of Materials and Finishes

You can customize your bollards by selecting from an assortment of high-quality materials. There is a high demand for our cast iron bollards for sale due to their combination of maximum durability and design creativity — they’re a preferred choice for use as landscape bollards or where there’s a desire to match the surroundings. Steel bollards offer the superior strength required for long-term use, while stainless steel delivers exceptional corrosion resistance. Aluminum bollards feature a lightweight design and construction, becoming a top choice for removable bollard applications.

We also offer decorative bollards in a wide variety of attractive finishes to meet your aesthetic requirements. Whether your goal is to achieve maximum visibility, match the look of your building’s color and architecture, provide exceptional corrosion resistance or even add unique design flair to your property, you’re sure to find the ideal finish for your needs.

Ways to Increase Curb Appeal With Decorative Bollards

Bollards are a functional and aesthetically pleasing way to increase curb appeal on your property. You can use them for a wide range of applications and choose designs that set the tone for your space. Durable and attractive, they’re ideal for meeting your requirements and helping you make an entire outdoor area look its best.

Importance of Curb Appeal

When visitors and passersby notice a space, the area’s overall presentation will significantly influence the impression they receive. Investing in a well-maintained and lighted space can help everyone see the property’s value and allow people to enjoy the area more.

Different Ways to Increase Curb Appeal With Bollards

Because they are so versatile, bollards are excellent for creating curb appeal in several different ways. Consider your options and find the best solution for your space.

1. Keep a Continuous Aesthetic

If your property includes a sidewalk or parking lot, you can use covers or decorative bollards to maintain an aesthetic continuity that creates an overall polished appearance. You have many options for customizing bollard designs to fit a unique design and build the presentation you want.

2. Increase the Ease of Parking and Parking Lot Navigation

With strategically placed bollards, you can make navigating parking lots and finding a place to park faster and easier for guests. Bollards are a straightforward visual device that makes navigation easy to follow, helps prevent accidents and marks specialized parking spots such as handicap designations.

3. Improving the Curb’s Cleanliness

Bollards help establish boundaries and prevent dirt and litter from piling up on the curb. In turn, cleanliness creates an overall more attractive aesthetic. With decorative bollards, you can set a clear boundary and encourage passersby not to toss trash along the curbside.

4. Keep Traffic Off the Curb

You can use bollards to keep traffic strategically contained and off the curb, creating a safer space for pedestrians and protecting your building. With bollards, you can reduce the risk of drivers going over the curb or having an accident at the storefront.

Why Choose Blockaides as Your Decorative Bollard Provider?

Blockaides offers innovative security solutions that seamlessly combine practicality and functionality with an unrivaled aesthetic appeal. Our bollards are the preferred choice of architects, engineers, contractors, city planners and other building design and construction professionals.

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