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One of the most innovative and practical ways to add security to areas where pedestrians and vehicles converge is with the use of security bollards. Designed to be practical and visible as well as add security to protect streetscapes, parks, schools and parking lots from unauthorized entry and pedestrian/vehicle collisions, bollards are used across the country in a variety of controlled access zones.

Since 2010, our team here at Blockaides has been building our reputation as a leading distributor of security bollards and other streetscape safety products. We can add safety and security to your pedestrian zone and help guarantee a positive and reassuring experience for your patrons and the general public.

Interested in increasing safety in a parking lot, pedestrian zone or building? We are happy to help with your questions and provide custom insight as to which stainless steel bollard or barrier type is best for you.

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Unique Bollard Solutions for Increased Security

Securing your parking lot or controlled access zone with our quality bollards is a great way to add safety to your location. At Blockaides, we carry a range of parking lot safety products that can be adapted to the shape, size and needs of drivers in your parking lot or zone. Choose from useful and innovative equipment, such as:

With such a variety of bollard sizes and styles, we can propose a security and controlled access solution that’s perfectly adapted to your needs and the safety and convenience of users of your parking lot or space. As a leading U.S. bollard company, Blockaides is always looking for new and creative products and bollard configurations to add value and safety to your lot. We take the time to study the unique needs and requirements of your parking situation and propose the perfect barrier solution using our lineup of high-quality and attractive security bollards and bollard covers.

High-Quality Bollards for Any Industry

For years, our team here at Blockaides has been working with a variety of customers and industries throughout the United States. We work with anyone interested in adding security and visibility to their parking lot or access zone and who wants to help control the movement of vehicles. Some of our top customers include:

  • Contractors: Our selection of safety barriers, including lighted, retractable and fixed bollards are designed to be integrated into a wide range of projects, including streetscapes, parks, schools and parking lots. Their sturdy construction and high-quality materials will give your customer years of service and ensure all safety ratings and guidelines are respected.
  • Architects and Engineers: While the primary function of bollards is to add safety to streetscapes, parks and other pedestrian zones, that doesn’t mean they can’t add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the area as well. As an architect and engineer, you’ll be pleased to discover we have an attractive variety of bollard barriers that combine function with form while allowing you to respect the specs and safety guidelines of your project.
  • City planners: Integrate parking bollard safety products, like our manual or automatic retractable bollards, to control where people park in certain lots or limit traffic access on city streets. We also have a variety of fixed bollards with or without lights that can be used to add safety to parking lots, bike paths, parks and other streetscapes where vehicles and pedestrians are in close proximity.
  • Property managers: As a property manager, you’re called upon to create fluid and convenient driving and parking strategies that benefit residents and users of your properties. Use attractive and highly visible bollards to create clearly defined spaces for driving and parking. Our lighted bollards can help eliminate the need for separate lighting in certain areas, saving you money.
  • Businesses: Many types of businesses can benefit from the addition of safety bollards to their passageways and parking lots, including restaurants, shopping centers, community centers, churches, office buildings and more. When you install safety bollards in your business’s parking lot, you’re increasing the safety of your customers and helping create a better-organized parking space.
  • Schools and universities: The mix of pedestrian traffic and vehicle traffic on school and university campuses calls for a well-thought-out roadway and parking lot safety strategy. Safety bollards and barriers are an easy way to control the movement of vehicles in certain areas and restrict parking to authorized individuals. Safety bollards can also reduce accidents due to runaway vehicles and careless drivers.

These are just a few of the common customers that choose our heavy duty, American-made bollards for their parking lot and traffic control projects. Our experts will sit down and study your requirements with you and find the perfect solution for increased safety for drivers and pedestrians alike.

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Here at Blockaides, we’re proud to be a leading supplier of safety bollards and have the experience and knowledge to help you find the perfect solution for your parking loft safety and access needs.