How Architects Can Implement Bollards in Their Planning

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With the increasing amount of security threats that exist today, finding ways to keep our public buildings safe is paramount. If you’re an architect, you understand the significance of incorporating security features into the designs of your structures. You also face the challenge of balancing safety with aesthetics — a building design that resembles a 19th-century prison or an armed encampment probably won’t fare very well when you’re bidding for projects! Likewise, you may not want to add standard bright yellow bollard posts in front of your beautifully modern hotel or business design.

Using Bollards in City Planning to Enhance Security

A pervasive security risk that impacts cities everywhere is the use of vehicles by terrorists to ram into buildings or mow down pedestrians in the vicinity. A recent example is the October 2017 incident in Manhattan, where an individual drove a pickup truck down a crowded bike path, killing eight people and injuring 11 others.

The good news is that it’s possible to create security design and architecture that can deter or even prevent vehicle attacks — without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Bollards can play a critical role in modern counterterrorism architecture. They’re short, thick metal posts typically used to divert traffic, but they can also form a protective barrier that prevents moving vehicles from reaching a building.

Crash-rated bollards are available that can stop vehicle penetration. The specific rating of each bollard indicates its ability to halt different types of vehicles — private passenger cars, pickup trucks and more — traveling at various speeds.

Bollards Are Now Part of the Landscape at Structures of All Types

Bollards play a prominent role in the security design and architecture of everything from airports and highways to city streets and sports stadiums. Crash-resistant bollards are now a requirement at all U.S. government and military installations. Planners in New York City have incorporated bollards into the counterterrorism architecture for the city’s financial district.

Using Customizable Bollards in City Planning

While some people worry that bollards could detract from the appearance of a property, it is possible to fabricate custom bollards or bollard covers that make a positive contribution to the aesthetics of security design and architecture. Manufacturers can use cast iron to mold bollards into just about any shape imaginable. As an architect, this enables you to use your creative abilities to develop a bollard design and color that will support the rest of the structure and even enhance the aesthetic appeal of your projects.

Another, more cost-effective option is installing decorative removable bollard covers that add a decorative touch and also protect the bollard against the elements and vehicle damage.

Bollards Add Tremendous Long-term Value to Your Projects

Bollards can enhance the value of building projects for your clients by providing a more secure structure that also meets their appearance requirements. From a business perspective, bollards can help you meet the unique needs of 21st-century building owners, enabling you to gain a competitive edge in the bidding process.

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