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Safety Barriers

Safety barriers offer an alternative protection solution to bollards. While bollards are typically vertical safety posts, barriers feature a horizontal design and construction that prevents and deters vehicle and foot traffic from entering restricted areas. Thus, vehicle and pedestrian barriers often provide the best results for safeguarding expansive stretches of space such as parking lots, where they often serve as guardrails, and walls of racking in a distribution facility. Smaller pedestrian barriers are also available for protecting individual areas.

Blockaides Can Provide a Sturdy, Reliable Safety Barrier for Your Facility

Blockaides is your one-stop headquarters for high-quality safety barriers you can trust to keep your property safe. We’ve developed our products specifically for use as parking barriers, but we can also adapt them for multiple applications. Choose from the following barrier types:

  • Attenuating asset protection: We’ve designed and fabricated our AAP safety barriers to mitigate the force and impact of a vehicle collision, minimizing property damage. They provide an excellent protection solution in parking lots, garages and other areas that have heavy vehicle traffic.
  • Safetyflex carpark spring barrier system: Safetyflex systems consist of flexible parking barriers that spring backward upon impact and then return to their original position. These safety barriers can offer the best solution where there is a higher likelihood of multiple vehicle impacts. Because of their versatility, these barriers can meet the protection requirements of both temporary and permanent applications — use them to protect buildings, pedestrian areas, vehicles and fencing.
  • Pay platforms: Do you operate a parking garage or lot equipped with pay on foot stations? While these machines offer convenience, they can pose a safety hazard for pedestrians. Our pay platforms provide an innovative solution to keep customers out of harm’s way while completing their transactions. They’re designed to absorb impact and transfer energy to the support structure. You’ll also have the flexibility to install the platforms exactly where you need them.
  • ADA fixture: Placing these solidly constructed safety barriers at the front of ADA-designated spaces in your parking facility will protect your patrons and help you maintain legal compliance. Install the fixtures quickly and easily by securing them to the floor and ceiling of the structure.

Our Safety Barriers Offer an Assortment of Mounting Options

Blockaides provides numerous ways to mount your parking barriers to accommodate your needs. If you prefer a fixed boundary, you can choose a product that allows direct embedding or base-plate installation that offers a permanent, secure protection solution. If you only require a barrier on a temporary basis, you can opt for a removable product with a built-in internal or external locking mechanism for maximum flexibility.

Why Choose Blockaides as Your Safety Barrier Provider?

Blockaides has years of experience developing innovative bollard barriers and related products that are among the most innovative in our industry. Our pedestrian barriers provide a reliable, cost-effective solution for crowd control and keeping people, vehicles and structures secure.

Contact us to learn more about our complete lineup of safety barriers and receive a no-obligation quote today.