Blockaides works methodically with architects, contractors, project managers, and end-users to provide site-specific safety and security solutions.  Whether you are looking for a specific product to meet an existing specification or you are unsure as to what type of product best fits your situation, we are equipped with years of industry experience to help you navigate these decisions.  Ranging from private home bollard projects requiring basic access control, such as residential driveway bollards, to large-scale projects with stringent security requirements, we have a robust product line to accommodate your needs.

We also offer unique solutions to the retail and commercial industries specifically.  More than 60 times per day, a driver in America crashes over a curb and slams into a building, office or storefront.  These accidents cost tens of millions of dollars in damages and injure thousands every year.  Sadly, employees, customers, and pedestrians are all too often killed.

As an industry leader, Blockaides is committed to offering solutions to prevent vehicle-into-building crashes.  Our approach works to address the issues causing the increased exposure and risk at these locations by determining how to prevent vehicles from encroaching into safety zones (including, but not limited to pedestrian sidewalks, waiting/smoking areas, front doors, take-out doors, outdoor patios and the actual building envelope itself) as well as by eliminating trip hazards and reducing driver confusion.  We take our customers step by step through the process of Risk Identification and Assessment, Risk Mitigation and Recommended Action, and Project Management and Closeout.

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