When to Install Fixed Bollards vs. Removable Bollards

Jenny Kleiner Applications, Bollards

If you want to buy bollards for your business, you might wonder whether you should choose a fixed or removable model. Each type of bollard has advantages that suit different customers. Let us help you understand your options and which will work best for you.

Fixed Bollards and Their Varieties

Businesses and organizations everywhere rely on fixed bollards and their classic design. Also known as permanent bollards, these models install into the ground. You can categorize our fixed bollards selection by:

  • Head design: Fixed bollard head designs include flat, dome, bishop and kitchener.
  • Mounting: Your fixed bollard mounting types include direct embed, flange and base plate.
  • Materials and finish: We create fixed bollards with steel, stainless steel and aluminum and provide a wide range of finishes.

These options give you control over your bollard’s installation method, durability, appearance and more.

When to Install Fixed Bollards

Fixed bollards succeed in situations that involve:

  • Heavy traffic: Permanent bollards can maintain security when you have constant and heavy traffic in your area.
  • Constant security requirements: Fixed bollards redirect traffic and protect an area permanently.
  • Long-term use: Thanks to their permanent design, fixed bollards have long-lasting results.

You might prefer a different option than a fixed bollard when you need a temporary solution. For example, you can’t take advantage of all its benefits when you only need to block traffic at specific times. In these situations, you may get more out of a removable bollard.

Removable Bollards and Your Options

Removable bollards serve as a flexible choice for your area’s security. You can lock them into the ground when you need them and remove them after use. Our inventory of removable bollards includes features such as:

  • Head design: Like our permanent bollards, our removable bollards can have flat, dome, bishop or kitchener heads.
  • Locking mechanism: Choose from an internal or external locking mechanism to control access and prevent theft.
  • Materials and finish: Our removable bollards also come in steel, stainless steel or aluminum with a variety of finishes.

Our removable bollards have almost as many feature options as our fixed bollards.

When to Install Removable Bollards Systems

Situations with these requirements suit removable bollards well:

  • Selective access: You can control where and when traffic can enter or exit an area with removable bollards.
  • Flexibility: Removable bollards can go anywhere you can install them at any time.
  • Multi-purpose areas: If traffic has access to your area at select times and needs control during other times, a removable bollard becomes indispensable.

A removable bollard has the main purpose of temporary use. So, you might benefit more from a different option when you have round-the-clock security needs. However, they excel in situations such as events that need temporary protection.

Get Advice From the Experts at Blockaides

At Blockaides, we offer a wide selection of removable and fixed bollards for your security needs. When you need to separate and protect an area, our durable bollards can help you meet your goals. We can give you a free consultation and quote today when you contact our team online.