The Need for Bollards and Security Barriers on University Campuses

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Anyone who has visited a successful university in the past has probably seen more than their share of bollard barrier posts. For university campus safety, bollards are ideal and have a wide range of applications. Without professional security barriers for college campuses, liability exposure could increase dramatically.

Where to Place Barrier Posts for University Campus Safety

If you are in charge of campus safety and protective vehicle barriers are a potential part of your responsibilities, here are some of the top Blockaides bollard uses for universities to consider:

  • Drop-Off Areas: Most schools have designated areas where parents bringing their children to campus for the first time can drop them off. Naturally, with drop off vehicles coming through all day and students trying to get from the drop-off areas to their dorms, the potential for a mishap is great. Well-placed, highly-visible and reliable bollards like the type that Blockaides provides can help create clear lanes of pedestrian and vehicle traffic and help avoid any unfortunate vehicular-pedestrian events.
  • Bike Lanes: Bicycles remain a common way for students without cars to get where they need to be on campus. Setting off the bike lane with a series of bollards to prevent vehicles from entering can significantly increase bicyclist safety.
  • Sports Fields and Stadiums: College sports fields and stadiums are often places where you have a lot of students running around, not always paying attention to where they are going, as well as vehicles full of people who are eager to get to the game or competition. In these types of areas, adequately placed bollards restricting cars in certain areas is essential.
  • Designated Pedestrian Areas: Many areas on most school and university campuses are for pedestrians only. That may be clear to the pedestrians, but it is not always apparent to the vehicles in the area. This creates an even greater danger, since the pedestrians may be paying less attention to their surroundings believing they are completely safe. Bollards can provide that extra layer of protection those pedestrians need to be truly safe.
  • Parking Lots: Parking lots are probably the most common place where one would use safety bollards, and most universities have plenty of these. Bollards help direct traffic in parking lots and keep pedestrians and parking vehicles in safe lanes, so they do not cross paths.

Blockaides Has All the Safety Bollards Your University Needs

At Blockaides, we can provide a wide variety of durable, reliable, steel bollards to help protect the students and staff of your school. Options include:

We also offer a range of bollard accessories to protect your bollards and make them more visible. We would love to help you find the bollards that are just right for you and your university’s campuses. To get started, please contact us today for a free consultation and quote on the bollards you will need to best protect your school.