Streetscape: Buffalo, New York

Project: 500 Block Main Street Redevelopment

Location: Buffalo, New York

Products: Lighted Removable Bollards

Media: Construction Today, Buffalo Rising


Blockaides Lighted Removable Bollards: Buffalo, New York

The 500 Block of Main Street in Buffalo, New York had once been a high traffic road. Every day, a steady stream of cars passed by busy shops that lined equally busy sidewalks. In the mid-1980’s, however, auto-traffic was barred due to concerns for pedestrian safety. The ban worked in more ways than anticipated: no cars meant no risk for pedestrians but it also spelled doom for the shops lining the street as retail access became less convenient. Ultimately, the area became economically dead, and it didn’t matter whether or not cars were allowed on that stretch of road because there were no more pedestrians on the street to keep safe.

Roughly twenty years later, things have changed. The auto-traffic has returned to the 500 Block of Main Street. And the sidewalk-traffic. And the busy businesses. What about the pedestrian safety that prompted closing the road to auto-traffic so many years ago? When city officials decided to reopen the 500 Block of Main Street to auto-traffic, they knew they would need to find a way to safeguard people from the kind of tragedies that occur all too often when a driver veers into pedestrian spaces. They also knew they wanted a solution that would blend in with and even heighten the aesthetics of this newly revitalized part of town.


A Solution that Works for Everyone

Protecting people where they live, work, eat, play and shop has been Blockaides’ core goal since their founding in 2010—a goal they’ve met time and again since then—so it’s not surprising that they were hired to address the safety needs of Buffalo’s pedestrians. Blockaides also has a reputation for lighted bollards that are as beautiful as they strong, which sealed the deal.

And lighted bollards were the answer for the 500 Block of Main Street in Buffalo, New York. Stylish, elegant and strong, the bollards feature an attractive blend of stainless steel, warm LED lighting and custom branding atop each one that reads: “Main Street 500 Block,” the words encircling the glossy silhouette of a buffalo. Over 200 bollards were installed along the sidewalk and parking areas, as well over 275 embedment sleeves. Why sleeves? Essentially, they allowed the lighted bollards to be removable and moveable. When the city of Buffalo needs to direct traffic for special events, they can move the bollards as needed into the extra embedded sleeves. This means that Blockaides’ light, removable bollards are not only safe and stylish, but they are versatile as well.

When it came to reopening the 500 Block of Main Street to auto-traffic, the city of Buffalo insisted on doing it right: safety for pedestrians, style for a hip and revitalizing part of town and flexibility for special events. At the end of the day, doing it right meant calling on Blockaides.

Blockaides can help revitalize any city center with safe, stylish and functional bollards. Contact them today!