Manual Bollards Introduction

Manual | Manual-Assisted

Manually retractable bollards are an amazing blend of flexibility and the convenience to be moved up and down without being removed.  Our line of manual retractable bollards are available in both Manual and Manual-Assisted versions.  Like the classic look of our flat design style coupled with the wide variety of configuration options you’ve come to expect from a Blockaides bollard, our Manual and Manual-Assisted products are sure to satisfy.

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Key Configurations & Options

Learn more about some of the major configurations & options we offer for our line of manual bollards.

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Manual Model 

Simple Access Control

Since the Manual Bollard is operated by hand it is recommended for smaller diameters in architectural and simple access control type applications.

Manual-Assisted Model 

Easier Up and Down Movement

Our manual-assisted bollards are also operated by hand but can be used with larger sizes because of the lift-assist mechanism that helps to raise the added weight.  It is recommended for larger diameters and best suited for safety & security applications or in locations with a high frequency of use.

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Materials & Finishes

Stainless Steel

One of the most dynamic and impactful attributes of a bollard, the material and finish you choose will define the overall aesthetic of your manual bollards. Our manual bollards come in 1 material with a variety of finish options.

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