Explanation of Bollard Product Ranges

How Do You Choose A Bollard

Choosing bollards can be overwhelming and making sure you get the right product for your application is critical to bollards being effective.  We recommend using a “Design Based Decision Model” when selecting your bollards.

There is a significant amount of diversity when it comes to bollard design. There are 4 parent categories of information when talking bollard design. First, is the functional design or how the bollard is intended to operate. Second is the visual design which is the general shape and overall appearance of the bollard. Third is the physical design which includes the materials & parts used to make the bollard. Fourth is the performance of design which includes any aspects of the bollard design that relate to applicable codes and testing standards.

Here is a quick breakdown of the 4 parent categories mentioned above and the various child sub-categories that fall under each. This is just an overview listing, more detail/explanation will be given for each of them later.

Functional Design

Retractable – Manual
Retractable – Automatic

Visual Design

There are infinite possibilities for the visual design of a bollard.

Physical Design


Metals (Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminum)
Plastics (Recycled Plastic, HDPE, LDPE)

Performance of Design

Impact Performance is probably the most important aspect of choosing your bollards and is often overlooked.