Lighted Bollards

Lighted Bollards Introduction

Lighted Fixed | Lighted Removable

Blockaides lighted bollards are rugged, high-performance luminaires whose shapes are finely detailed, material transitions are seamless and finishes flawless.  Features such as tamper-resistant hardware and silicone seals and gaskets ensure years of trouble-free operation.  Available in 4 head design styles whose geometric forms blend well into any architectural landscape, Blockaides’ lighted bollards can be specified with 3 different optical systems, ensuring that there’s always a perfect fit for your particular project.

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Key Configurations & Options

Learn more about some of the major configurations & options we offer for our line of lighted bollards.

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Head Design Styles 

Flat // Dome // Bishop // Kitchener

Choose from multiple, completely unique designs built with the same incredible level of quality. There are currently 4 lighted bollard designs to choose from.

Mounting Types 

Direct Embed // Flange // Base Plate

We’ve got you covered with 3 different ways of mounting your lighted bollards to the ground.

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Materials & Finishes

Steel // Stainless Steel // Aluminum

One of the most dynamic and impactful attributes of a bollard, the material and finish you choose will define the overall aesthetic of your lighted bollards. Our lighted bollards come in 3 different materials with a variety of finish options for each material.

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