Barrier Introduction

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Barriers are most often horizontal fabrications or construction elements which can deter or prevent vehicular traffic but which will also restrict foot traffic and other access. Currently, our line of barriers have been developed for use within parking structures, however they can also be easily adapted for alternative applications.

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Key Configurations & Options

Learn more about some of the major configurations & options we offer for our line of barriers.

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ADA Barrier

Protect Surrounding Structure & Use For Signage

Our ADA barriers are designed and built for use inside parking structures. The barriers are placed at the front of the required ADA parking spaces within the structure and installed by securing the barrier to the floor and ceiling of the structure.

Attenuating Asset Protection Barrier

Built-In Attenuation for Maximum Protection

Our specialty asset protection barriers with built-in attenuation allow for impact resistance while decreasing the amount of damage to a vehicle that strikes it. This product creates a physical barrier to protect any valuable or vulnerable object from being struck by an oncoming vehicle.

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Pay Platform Barrier

Protect Pedestrians Using Pay-On-Foot Machines

The pay platform barrier is an innovative safety solution that provides protection for pedestrians using pay-on-foot machines inside parking structures. Engineered to absorb impact energies and transfer them horizontally into the surrounding structure, our pay platform parking barrier is a creative product that allows for the installation of pay stations virtually anywhere.

Safetyflex Carpark

Spring Barrier System

This unique crash barrier system can be used as a temporary or permanent crash barrier to protect buildings, vehicles, pedestrians and security fencing. Conventional barriers are rigid and can deform or damage relatively easily on impact whereas Safetyflex’s unique design allows the product to return to its original position after the impact. The system is designed to withstand multiple impacts from vehicles before having to be replaced.

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