How to Increase Safety Along Bike Paths and Lanes With Traffic Barriers

Jenny Kleiner Applications, Bollards

If you are a contractor working on a project that may include bike paths, it is imperative for you to consider what type of bike path safety barrier you will implement. Bike lane barriers are critical for helping prevent bikes from making contact with motor vehicles or going in the wrong direction.

Things to consider when choosing protective barriers for bike paths include visibility, ease of setup, aesthetics and strength of the barrier. For this reason, Blockaides offers a variety of safety barriers to help you find the best bollards for new or existing bike paths.

Why Blockaides Bollards for Bike Paths and Lanes With Traffic Barriers?

Blockaides offers unique bollard solutions for every situation. Contact us to choose from options such as:

  • Manual and Manual Assisted Retractable Bollards: These bollards, which are sometimes referred to as telescoping bollards, easily lock into place or retract into an in-ground casing when not needed. These bollards allow you to control the direction of the bike path by selectively raising or retracting certain bollards, or to retract the bollards out of the sight of thieves and vandals when they are not necessary, such as if and when the bike paths are closed to public use. The manual-assist version has a key-activated integrated lifting system included.
  • Automatic Retractable Bollards: Available in both hydraulic and pneumatic versions, these bollards work just like the manual and manual assisted bollards, but rise and retract automatically in seconds using either compressed air or a fluid and pump system. This minimizes the need for human labor in the process and allows you to control the position of your bollards much more quickly. These bollards can be either secured to the ground or removable — cassette-mounted.
  • Lighted Bollards: These bollards come with their own lighting system to keep the bike path lit after dark. This allows your visitors to use the bike paths much more safely, with increased visibility to help deter unwanted traffic and help riders avoid other bikers in the evening hours. These aesthetically pleasing illuminated bollards can have the added benefit of creating an attractive, appealing nighttime ambiance around your facility.
  • Locking Removable Bollards: If you like the idea of secure, locking bollards for your bike lanes but do not want to commit to having them as a part of your facility long-term, these removable pipe bollards are the perfect solution, locking securely in a ground sleeve until you remove them using a simple unlocking process.

Protect Your Bike Lanes With Safety Barriers From Blockaides Today

At Blockaides, our bollards are available in corrosion-resistant stainless steel. They are attractive, reliable, American-made, high-quality products that uphold current crash rating standards. If you need barriers to protect pedestrians using bike lanes, contact Blockaides today for a free quote, we can help you find the bollard options that are right for you and your project.