Safety Barriers for Pedestrian Bridges and Walkways

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One of the most basic features of a pedestrian bridge is that vehicles cannot cross it or enter it in any way. A simple and effective way to help ensure this is by erecting pedestrian bridge barrier posts — or security bollards — on pedestrian bridges in the middle of the entrance on either side of the bridge.

This setup allows pedestrians and bicyclists to easily enter and exit the bridge, allowing a free flow of non-motorized traffic while protecting those on the bridge from vehicular interference dangers.

These safety barriers for pedestrian bridges not only protect pedestrians and bicyclists, but can also make sure that heavy vehicles do not attempt to cross when the bridge is empty, which might not present an immediate danger to pedestrians but could put undue strain on your bridge.

Benefits of Using Blockaides Safety Bollards for Your Pedestrian Bridge

Blockaides is a leader in providing pedestrian path protective barriers, parking lot safety bollards and pedestrian bridge safety bollards for the protection of pedestrians, bicyclists and facilities. Using our bollards for your pedestrian bridge will confer many essential benefits, including:

1. Safety of Pedestrians

Naturally, the most important benefit of these security bollards is safety. We offer steel construction and durable bollards that meet the latest industry crash rating standards. A motor vehicle could find itself headed toward your bridge for many reasons, such as:

  • Driver not realizing they are directed at a pedestrian bridge
  • Mechanical failure where the driver loses control of the car
  • Driver error where the driver operates the vehicle incorrectly and cannot correct course in time

Whatever the reason, if the unexpected happens and a vehicle should attempt to enter the bridge while pedestrians are using it, you will have the peace of mind of knowing there is a reliable barrier in place to help stop it.

2. Increased Visibility

Even if cars do not intend to intrude upon your pedestrian bridge, they may not always be able to see it is a pedestrian bridge — especially at night. This is a very important issue, as you would much rather have your bollards be effective by deterring a car, rather than by attempting to absorb its impact.

Blockaides offers protective bollard covers and caps to make your bollards much more visible to vehicles, indicating a pedestrian bridge long before they approach. We also have lighted bollards, illuminating the barrier so there is no mistaking that a driver should avoid something coming up, even in the dead of night.

3. Access Control to Pedestrian Bridges

There may be times when you want to make your pedestrian bridge accessible to vehicular traffic, such as in an emergency situation or at a time when the bridge is not publicly accessible. For this reason, Blockaides offers a variety of manual and automatic retractable bollards. These bollards securely lock in place when you need them to protect your bridge and easily retract when you want them out of the way.

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