Safetyflex Carpark Spring Barrier System Case Study

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FIGAT7TH is one of the premier destinations in Downtown Los Angeles — surrounded by Class A office towers and just blocks away from Staples Center and LA Live.  The parking garage attached to the property has space for more than 2,000 vehicles, and serves monthly users as well as daily and hourly visitors 365 days per year.  As a result of recent upgrades to FIGAT7TH, Target, Sports Chalet, Gold’s Gym, and many shops and restaurants have been added and all of those are served by the parking garage.

The parking structure was substantially upgraded by the owners, Brookfield Properties.  Two of their biggest concerns:  the sustainability of the structure and parking operations, and the safety and security of patrons and pedestrians.  With so many additional in/out parking operations every day as a result of retail and restaurant customers coming and leaving, management and a team of vendors and consultants worked hard to anticipate problems and take steps to create the best experience possible.  The result was an award-winning project –The National Parking Association Innovative Sustainability Project of the Year.

Safety Is The New Green

The owners of the parking garage have worked hard to protect pedestrians and customers inside the garage. These protections included increased lighting, designated paths of travel, video surveillance, and the installation of a variety of steel barriers to protect pedestrians and property from wayward vehicles. With extensive installations on grade and on upper floors with post-tensioned construction, Blockaides worked to make sure that affordable, effective and attractive protective devices were designed and installed.


In addition to steel bollards protecting customers in loading zones, protected paths of travel, and when congregating at elevator lobbies and “pay on foot” machines, two innovative and unique steel barriers were added to prevent accidental vehicle overruns which, if not prevented, could lead to death or injury;

Another unique product, installed for the first time in North America, is a “Car Stopper” barrier by Safetyflex in the UK.  The barrier is designed to prevent vehicles from crashing into walls — the product actually springs back when struck by passenger vehicles.  See the Safetyflex crash test video at

View Safetyflex Carpark Spring Barrier System Video

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