Actively working with ASTM on new low impact test standard specifications

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Blockaides experts are actively working with ASTM to specify a new low impact crash testing standard for bollards and barriers used in municipal, commercial, and academic applications to protect people and facilities. We make this commitment because this is a national problem that has simple and affordable solutions. Learn more by reading safety through smarter design article on our website.

ASTM, which is a worldwide standards organization, has begun work on a testing protocol for barriers designed to protect people and property at “parking lot speeds” from 10MPH to 30MPH. Once approved, this test standard will form the basis for additions to building codes says Dr. Dean Alberson of Texas A&M , co-author of the TTI study and co-chair of the ASTM committee. “These tests will provide, architects, engineers, and building officials with the tools needed to select effective safety systems for their projects. This will reduce accidents and improve safety for everyone.”

The committee will begin finalizing the standard in October 2013.