Safety Solutions Article Series – A Series Introduction

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The Safety Solutions Article Series will include monthly articles that will cover a variety of different topics that are dedicated to helping increase safety.  Some topic areas may include but are not limited to:

  • Exploring new and existing safety solution concepts and ideas
  • Designing for Safety
  • Showcasing new and existing safety solution products
  • Practical tips and advice for increasing safety
  • Use-case examples of good safety solution choices
  • Use-case examples of bad safety solution choices and what could have been done differently
  • Choosing the right safety solutions
  • And many more…

After a period of time, I am hoping that these articles can serve as a knowledge base and resource for increasing safety in the world around us.

Thank you for reading my introduction article and I hope you enjoy reading the articles published within this article series.  Please send comments, ask questions and recommend topics for discussion.  I welcome them all.

Stay Safe.

Tyler Thompson

**Published in-conjunction with this introduction is the first article of the Safety Solutions Article Series.  This first article is a combination of a good use-case and new product showcase.  The article is titled Innovative Pedestrian Safety Solutions at Newly Revitalized Fig at 7th Parking Structure, Groundbreaking Barrier Product Helps Protect Pedestrians from Errant Vehicles”.  Click on the linked title of the article to read more.**