Why Restaurants Need Security Barriers and Bollards

Jenny Kleiner Applications, Bollards

You give a lot of thought to the interior of your restaurant to ensure your patrons feel comfortable and safe within. However, it is essential to consider the outside of the restaurant, as well, especially if you have outdoor seating facing the street or parking lot. Accidents can happen, and the last thing you want is a stray vehicle intruding on your customers’ lunch.

This is why it’s critical that you have a restaurant perimeter safety barrier to protect the outside of your facility. When it comes to protective barriers for restaurants, bollards are an excellent choice. Perimeter bollards and bollards for the restaurant seating area help passing vehicles avoid infringing on your property and protect your patrons.

Blockaides Barriers and Bollards for Restaurant Use

One of the reasons some restaurant owners may be reluctant to use bollards to protect their restaurant and its diners is because they fear they will be unattractive and disrupt the exterior décor of the establishment.

This is not a problem when you use Blockaides, as we offer a variety of design styles and decorative bollards to meet your safety and aesthetic needs. We also offer a variety of attractive plastic covers, wrap covers and bollard caps that not only give your bollards a more attractive appearance but also make them more visible to passing cars, so they are easier to notice and avoid.

Another benefit of our Blockaides bollards for restaurant use is their toughness. In order to protect against vehicle impact, they are made of strong carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum and meet the latest in crash rating standards. Made here in the United States, you can be confident in their ability to blunt oncoming impacts to protect your patrons and facility from injury or damage.

Blockaides Restaurant Bollard Options

We have many different types of bollards suitable for restaurant use, including:

  • Retractable and Removable Bollards: If you wish to have bollards that disappear when patrons are not using the exterior of the restaurant to clean up the sight line, you may want to consider our manual or automatic retractable bollards or our locking removable bollards. These are bollards that stay securely in place when in use. Then, you can easily retract or remove them when you don’t need them.
  • Lighted Bollards: If you offer night time service, you’ll love these lighted bollards. They provide some extra illumination for your diners after night falls while also ensuring the traffic passing by will see your bollards, even with limited visibility.
  • Fixed Bollards: If keeping your bollards firmly in place is the priority and you do not anticipate having to move them, try our fixed surface-mounted bollards.
  • Decorative Bollards: If maintaining a unique aesthetic is important for your establishment, turn to Blockaides. Our decorative cast iron bollards come in a variety of unique molds to blend well with any vibe your restaurant may looking to maintain. They come in three options including general, lighted, and as covers of K-rated bollards to still offer the protection you need.

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If you’re not sure which bollards will be right for your restaurant, don’t worry, we can help. Contact us now and let us know what you’re looking for in restaurant bollard protection, and we will provide a free consultation and quote on your best options.