Guide to Professional Bollard Installation

Guide to Professional Bollard Installation

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Bollards are multipurpose vertical posts that protect pedestrians, vehicles and property from damage. These effective safety devices are perfect for restricting vehicle access or directing traffic.

Bollards come in a range of styles, materials and sizes. With so many choices, it can be challenging to decide which bollard is best for your specific application. This guide will discuss the types of bollards, how to install them and how professional installation services can help.

Types of Bollards

The first step in installing bollards is determining which type fits your application best. There are numerous types of bollards installation types, including:

How to Choose the Right Bollard

What bollard you choose will depend on your project. A business owner could opt for automatic bollards for deliveries, while a parking garage would need fixed crash-rated bollards for extra protection. Finally, a town center might choose lighted bollards for added security and quaint aesthetics.

Choosing Bollards for Residential Properties

There are many ways bollards provide positive results in areas like neighborhoods, apartment complexes, townhomes and condominiums. Some benefits of residential bollard installation in these locations include the following:

  • Walkway illumination: A walkway near a house or community facility, like a pool or clubhouse, may need more lighting after the sun goes down. Whether the areas showcase vegetation with shade or simply don’t have lights installed yet, adding illuminated bollards can create safer pathways with more visibility.
  • Perimeter protection: Help keep the gardens, fences and outdoor decorations on your property looking beautiful with enhanced protection. Attractive bollards in a designed shape and color you prefer can create a barrier to keep distracted drivers away.
  • Driveway security: A bollard in your driveway could provide aesthetic appeal and enhance safety for your residence. For improved privacy, retractable bollards allow you to give your guests entry and keep unauthorized visitors, like intruders or salespeople, beyond the perimeter.
  • Garage safety: The installment of permanent bollards can keep you from misjudging the distance remaining when backing into your garage. Bright bollard colors are easily visible, making protecting the structure of your home and your vehicle easier.

Choosing Bollards for Commercial Properties

reasons to invest in bollards for public spaces

Bollard Installation Specifications

Before you begin the installation, there are a few specifications you should consider, including:

  • Legal requirements: Your local building code department can provide you with information on specific laws that ensure bollards are installed safely and correctly. Check with your local authorities and site planners to learn about necessary permits and any other factors, like recommended digging depths for your bollards.
  • Site plans: The architect’s site plans will provide essential spacing requirements and installation details. You should also follow best practices for bollard spacing and comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.

How to Prepare for Bollard Installation

Before installing your bollards, you must prepare your site so the posts function correctly. These steps include:

  • Checking your location: Your site plans should have information on hazards like pipes, wires and gas lines. If you need help finding these details in your site plan, contact a professional who can identify these factors before you begin to dig.
  • Drilling: Be sure to drill holes for your bollard bolts accurately. Some standard practices you should follow include centering the drill bit, using a smaller drill to mark the centers and drilling to the bit’s full depth.
  • Cleaning: Use a broom, pressure washer or blow-out pump to remove dirt and debris after drilling holes. When you begin your installation, a clean space can provide better visibility and placement of your bollards.
  • Making the base: Create a concrete base if you’re installing a bollard in any material other than concrete. This material offers a stable platform that can withstand the elements and the effects of time outdoors.

Why Choose Professional Bollard Installation?

Whether you want bollards for a commercial or residential space, following professional bollard installation tips is essential. You’ll need to use the correct protocols, techniques and equipment to achieve the desired results. Some benefits of professional bollard installation include the following:

  • Better safety and protection: Hiring professionals for your bollards can ensure your installation is correct. Expert installation ensures the safety of the property, pedestrians and vehicles that your bollards protect.
  • Knowledge and experience: What’s more, professionals are knowledgeable in local and federal regulations, ADA compliance and bollard best practices. Hiring an expert can ensure your bollards are built for long-lasting use and high performance over time.
  • Efficient timelines: When your project is on a deadline, the experts at Blockaides can install your bollards quickly, so you and your team can stay on schedule. Enjoy having the protection or traffic control you need as soon as possible when you call for professional installation.
  • Excellent quality: When you choose to work with Blockaides, you’ll know you’re receiving top-quality products made with American manufacturing expertise. Our professionals handle every aspect of your project, addressing tasks including risk identification and assessment, risk mitigation and recommended action, project management and closeout to produce the best results possible.

Professionals You Can Count On

Professionals You Can Count On

At Blockaides, our company is dedicated to raising awareness about how bollards can protect people and residential or commercial spaces. Because each project is unique, our team will start by evaluating your needs to find a solution fitting your safety and budget requirements. We also offer aesthetically pleasing options for you to explore to ensure our products add to your property.

Our experts provide professional bollard installation services for any application. Contact one of our representatives online or call us at 909-217-3412 to learn more about our services today.