Manual Bollards: Retractable Bollard Manual Series

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Bollards are a practical tool for city streets, restricted areas, pedestrian safety and much more. At Blockaides, our manual retractable bollards offer the many benefits of a standard bollard with the flexibility of a retracting design. Explore this product design and why it may be the right blockade approach for your applications.

Product Features

The Blockaides Retractable Bollard: Manual Series features 304 or 316 stainless steel for long-term durability. Once installed, you can raise and lower the bollard as needed for flexibility and convenience.

With a classic, flat design style, our manual retractable bollards offer a simple look that complements many spaces. Configure a range of Blockaides manual bollards according to your visual preferences and area design for ultimate practicality and aesthetics.

What Is a Retractable Bollard?

A retractable bollard can rise and retract as needed to provide more flexibility over permanent bollard installations. The bottom half of the bollard sits under the ground and is long enough to hold the length of the bollard once retracted. These retractable bollards are designed to be completely flat once retracted.

Retractable bollards can be manual or automatic. Manual bollards, such as this product, can be lowered by hand and offer simple installation. Automatic bollards can incorporate hydraulic technology and integrate into access control systems. Retractable bollards are best suited to multipurpose areas where blockade needs may change throughout the day.

Best Uses for a Retractable Bollard

With their flexibility and ease, retractable bollards have a place in many applications. Use our retractable bollards for:

  • Controlled access: When you need controlled access to a location, our manual retractable bollards provide complete control. If you manage an area where only authorized vehicles are permitted, you can block off the region with ease and lower the bollards to allow vehicles to pass through as needed.
  • Traffic separation: Our manual retractable bollards are excellent for separating traffic because they create a clear boundary for vehicles to abide by. On streets where traffic patterns change during set hours, you can retract the bollards to guide drivers. Stainless steel construction ensures these blockades are sturdy enough to withstand contact with a vehicle to prevent a larger accident.
  • Pedestrian protection: In areas with heavy foot traffic, a line of bollards is excellent for separating the street from walking paths. The retracting feature makes these bollards ideal for main streets where festivals and events may happen throughout the year. When you block off the streets for these occasions, you can lower the bollards lining the pedestrian pathways to open up the space. You can even maintain a line of retracted bollards on the street to raise for these events.

Buy Blockaides Manual Bollards With Retractable Design

With the flexibility of our manual retractable bollards, you can easily control access in a given area. Blockaides develops bollards with durable stainless steel, so our products last for the long term. If you’re looking for another bollard style, you can explore our full selection of bollards, including fixed, lighted, removable and automatic designs.

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