Blockaides, Inc. is a safety company engaged in the sale and distribution of products, which protect and improve safety and security through the use of bollards, barriers, and other safety solutions.  Since 2010, Blockaides has strived to increase awareness of the role that bollards and barriers play in protecting the lives of people, while also providing products that can best achieve this goal in various applications.  Our products protect and improve safety and security wherever people live, work, eat, play and shop.

With our team of industry professionals, we are able to quickly and effectively evaluate the needs of our customers and propose solutions that are specific to the individual project.  Safety is not a one size fits all endeavor.  Instead, we work with our customers to develop solutions that that meet both the safety and budget requirements of the project.

We take pride in our commitment to each customer to provide them with quality products, timely delivery, and an overall positive experience.


Provide products, services and thought leadership which meet or exceed existing safety standards;
Promote the establishment of best practices, improving public safety wherever people live, work, eat, play and shop;
Create programs to specify, manufacture, install and document safety products;
Participate in the continued resurgence of United States manufacturing.